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March 2013

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A&M Review Presents
A Basic Guide to Website Quality Assurance!

Losses from defective software cost the American economy over a half a percent of the total gross national product in 2005. The real tragedy is that much of that cost could have been avoided with adequate software testing.

With that in mind, Advertising & Marketing Review has launched this QA section to help you understand what it takes to launch a successful Website. The information presented here is a result of over 15 years experience working on or leading QA projects at Apple, Adobe, Yahoo, WebMD, SAP, Inktomi, and Ariba.

Test Data here are files of comma delimited names and addresses in quantities of 100, 1000 and 10,000.
Test Data Generator v 1.0 - Here's a tool I've programmed to generate names and addresses to test data bases. Just type in how many records you want (Max 100,000), select a few options, and hit the Create button.


Here's a basic QA process, with supporting documentation:

1. Document Website Requirements

Many Websites turn into a disaster because no one ever documented exactly what the Website was supposed to do. You can make sure that doesn't happen by reviewing your Website requirements document and bringing it up to industry standards.
For more information on this subject read:

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2. Create Test Plans Based on Requirements Document

Create a test plan based on the Website requirements document that guarantees all features are adequately tested in the most cost effective manner.
For more information on this subject read:

Software Quality Assurance Test Plan Example

3. Create Test Cases Based on Test Plans

Create test cases based on the test plan that specify, mouse click by mouse click, exactly how the tests are to be executed. This level of detail not only assures quality, it makes it easy to outsource testing to low cost offshore testing teams for exhaustive and affordable testing.
For more information on this subject read:

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4. Create Automation Scripts Based on Test Cases

There a number of open source automation test tools that allow to record and execute step by step test case instructions. These automated tests will greatly increase the number of different tests you can execute in a given time period.
For more information on this subject read:

Automated Website Testing

5. Execute All Manual and Automated Tests

Find, document and report defects to engineering. Repeat the Process Until the Website is ready to go live. For more information on this subject read:

User Acceptance Testing Can Improve Your Website's Chances

6. Go live

When you finish the testing cycle and give your Website the green light, you'll know your Website will perform as required, and your investment, and your reputation is safe.

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QA and the Software Development Lifecycle

CMMI Levels

Writing Repeatable Test Cases

Writing Thorough Test Cases

Writing Product Requirement Documents

Basing Test Cases on Requirements Documents

Test Case Formats

Multipart Test Cases

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