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The Best of Export America

These are some of the best articles published in Export America over the last few years.

Exporting Legal Europe Asia Middle East Africa South America Success Stories



e Is for Exports
The Internet, by nature, is ideal for international marketing. Here's why.

A Look at International Marketing: Getting Started
As you begin exploring international business opportunities, consider attending export-training sessions in your community. These will connect you to the international business network in your local community.

The Fundamentals of Export Documentation
Export documentation can be mastered with this concise overview of the forms needed to market goods overseas.

Starting An Export Company
Starting an export company isn't that difficult with the help availble from the DOC. Here's how easy it is...

Trade Logistics 101: An Introduction to Forwarding
Selling a product to a customer in another country can be a lot easier than getting the product to them after the sale. Here's a look at the services that can make it easier for you to ship overseas.

Going Online: E-Exporting
The Internet's worldwide reach has made marketing products and services abroad a low-cost alternative to traditional international business. Today, corporate Websites offer portals to the global marketplace previously unavailable or too expensive for a small or medium-sized firm.

Excellence in Customer Service for Global Trade
Customer service becomes a more critical aspect of business when products and services are being marketed globally. This article looks at what it takes to provide excellent customer service, no matter who you're selling to.

Global Environmental Technologies: Trends, Markets, and Prospects
Exporting environmental technologies is not only good for the United States, it's good for the planet. Here's a good overview of what the environmental products and services market is like.

The Art of Translation: Finding the Right Words for Commerce
Selling to overseas markets means overcoming more than just differences in business practices. Overcoming the language barrier may be the most difficult task of all, but with professional help, it can be managed. Here's how you do it.

Financial Assistance for Exporters: SBA and Ex-Im Bank Programs
There are loans available for businesses willing to export that are not available to other businesses. If you're thinking about exporting, you should start researching the assistance available. This article is a good place to start.

Localize and Truly Go Global
Thinking about selling overseas? Your Website has to reflect the ways they do business in the countries you want to sell to. Here's one approach.

Assessing Risk and Getting Paid
Getting paid is always involves a matter of risk. Selling overseas adds an additional degree of uncertainty to any sale, but it can managed, especially if the proper processes and procedures are followed. Here's a look at what those processes and procedures are.

Global Economic Outlook: Assessing Risks and Opportunities
What will the global market be like over the next year? This article from export America looks at the projections. It could be good news for your business.

Industry Economics Division Information Guide
This is a guide to reports available from the Bureau of Economic Analysis on an industry by industry basis.

Concerted Efforts to Compete Overseas
A Conversation with Dan Bloom of the Advocacy Center. Many countries provide help to exporters that would be illegal in the United States. Something is being done to level the playing field. Read what...

Foreign Trade Zones - U.S. Customs Procedures and Requirements
Foreign trade zones (FTZs) are designated sites where special customs procedures apply. Foreign trade zones in the United States are comparable to so-called free trade zones in many countries, though procedures vary widely from country to country.

Global Economic Growth - U.S. Manufacturing Firms Innovate to Stay Competitive
In 2003,, Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans outlined an aggressive agenda to cement the role of manufacturing as a driving force in increasing productivity, creating economic growth, and creating jobs. As a part of that agenda, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Grant Aldonas and other Commerce officials are taking a comprehensive look at the challenges and opportunities American manufacturers face by meeting with manufacturers around the nation.

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NAFTA: Ten Years Later
Since its implementation on January 1, 1994, NAFTA has been more successful than even the most optimistic analysts had predicted. Trade between the United States and Mexico has nearly tripled.

EU Patent System: Creating a More Integrated Marketplace
During the past several decades, Europe's leaders have placed great emphasis on intellectual property rights protection as a way to nurture innovation and creativity and attract investment. The Council of the European Union agreed in March 2003 on a common political approach to establishing a community patent.

Bribery Laws
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions (Antibribery Convention) is the most important vehicle through which the U.S. government has sought to combat transnational corruption.

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Countries: Europe

Buy, Buy Britannia: Opportunities Galore in the UK
In 2001, American companies sold $41 billion worth of goods and services to Britain. Most of the sales were made by over 34,000 small to mid-sized businesses, not the corporate giants. Read why your company should be considering the British market.

Country Commercial Guide: Russia (Executive Summary)
The Russian market is unique. No other economy has experienced so large and sudden a change in direction in modern history.

Business Meetings in Russia: How to plan and what to expect
Russians have certain expectations, and procedures, when at business meetings, and it pays to kow them. This is a quick look the basics involved. One tip, always take small gifts for those you are meeting with, preferably an item with your company's logo on it. They will probably have small gifts for you, and it will be seen as bad form if you're not prepared to reciprocate.

Market and Partnership Opportunities in Russia - Caution Advised
Closer political and security relations are encouraging better economic relations between the United States and Russia. The U.S. Department of Commerce is working to open the Russian market for small and large U.S. companies. However, there are risks.

Why Do Business in Central and Eastern Europe?
Cental and Eastern Europe are undergoing an economic revolution. American exporters shouldn't be left out.

Austria: Frontier of a New European Union
While often overshadowed by its much larger neighbor, Germany, a second glance at Austria reveals enticing export opportunities for U.S. businesses. Aside from the country's well-diversified and relatively resilient economy, Austria offers a business location at an international crossroads.

Enlargement of the European Union: Expanding Opportunities
Australia is an economic power and a natural market for American products and services. Selling there isn't that hard, the demand already exists. It's just a matter of making the effort.

Poland - Emerging into a New Era
Because Poland is a comfortable, low-cost center (wage rates are the some of the lowest among the May 2004 EU accession candidates), American firms can set up shop here and then sell into the entire European Union.

How To Export To Poland
Duties vary according to the product or service that is exported. Each product has a harmonized system number (also known as a Schedule B number) which identifies the product internationally.

Country Commercial Guide: The Netherlands (Executive Summary)
The United States' partnership with the Netherlands is its oldest continuous relationship and dates back to the American Revolution. They like us and our products. Don't overlook them.

Country Commercial Guide: Ireland (Executive Summary)
In 2000 Ireland had the fastest growing economy among the world's industrialized nations, outpacing all other OECD members with an estimated 11.5 percent growth in gross domestic product (GDP), and 9.75 percent GDP growth in 1999.

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Countries: Asia/Pacific

China Watch: China Commercial Brief
The U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China publishes a free bi-weekly e-mail newsletter on marketing opportunities and business conditions in China. A subscription link is included, and we hope you'll take advantage of it. If you're ever planning on doing business with China, and many of us should be, this is a must read.)

Obtaining Financing for Exports to Eurasia
Many U.S. exporters have struggled with the challenge of obtaining financing for exports to Eurasia. Sometimes, this can seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but the reality is that financing can be found as long as careful preparation is undertaken and the requisite information is available to attract financing.

Asian Security and Hong Kong's Role in the War on Global Terrorism
The threat posed by global terrorism and rogue states is, regrettably, alive and well in Asia. There have been numerous reports that Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network has been working and coordinating actions with indigenous terrorist groups in Asia – groups that were previously viewed as only local or regional problems.

As the European Union expands to include more countrie, marketing opportunities there are increasing.

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Countries: Middle East

Doing Business in the Middle East
We have less in common with Middle Eastern countries than with countries in Europe. Still, it's not that difficult to deal with business professionals in theMiddle East, if you know the customs. One tip, never give a host a gift, even if it's a small gift. It implies the host is lacking the resources to be a good host, and will be seen as an insult.

Rebuilding Afghanistan: Opening Doors for U.S. Construction Companies
During the years of international and internecine conflict, much of Afghanistan's infrastructure was destroyed. Now, there are many opportunities for US construction firms.

New Legislation Improves Franchising Opportunities in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan has been a difficult country to set up franchises in but new laws have changed that. Here's an overview of the changes.

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Countries: Africa

South Africa - Sub-Saharan Africa's Engine of Growth
South Africa is growing market and has the cash to buy American Made products. Don't overlook it.

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Countries: South America

Chile: A Reliable Partner for U.S. Business
In a context in which "Latin America, as a whole, experienced in 2001–2002 its worst downturn in two decades, and prospects are still uncertain," the IMF estimates that Chilean GDP will grow 4.8 percent in 2004, thanks to an economic performance "underpinned by generally sound policies and high degrees of integration with the world economy."<

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Success Stories:

A San Diego Company Uses the Internet to Go Global
Looking for agents, distributors or business partners in overseas markets? The Department of Commerce has launched a new service to help. It's called Here's what it did for one company

Florida Discovers the Secret to Exporting Services
Florida's approach to exporting services should serve as a model to the nation. Here's how they did it.

Helping the Tourism Industry Recover
The government is working to help revive the tourism industry. Here's a look at the problem and what the government is doing about it; targeting the top five countries supporting tourism in America. - Worldwide trademark services.

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