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May 2006

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A Business Guide to Federal Export Assistance

For over a decade, the Export Programs Guide has been the most comprehensive guide to federal programs that assist U.S. exporters. This completely updated 2006 edition continues this tradition, with detailed descriptions of more than 100 programs offered by 19 different federal agencies. These include:
  • export counseling programs
  • information on trade promotion events
  • export financing programs
  • sources of industry- and country-specific information and assistance
  • information on export controls and licenses

Each entry includes a brief description, a contact name and telephone number, and a Web site and e-mail address.

Among the valuable new information that can be found in this updated edition are listings of regionally-focused programs — such as Asia Now, the China Business Information Center, and the Middle East Business Information Center — that provide exporters with a single point of access for information on regional trade events, business counseling, and market research specific to these regions. Two appendices to the book include a list of all 109 U.S. Export Assistance Centers located throughout the country and contact information for the 19 federal agencies that are members of the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee.

(February 2006; vi, 74 pages; ISBN 978-0-16-075020-5)


Full Version
Chapter 1: General Export Counseling and Assistance
Chapter 2: Industry-Specific Counseling and Assistance
Chapter 3: Country-Specific Counseling and Assistance
Chapter 4: Trade Contact and Market Research Programs
Chapter 5: Making Contacts Through Trade Promotion Events
Chapter 6: Special Market Access and Technical Assistance
Chapter 7: Export Finance, Insurance, and Grants (Non-Agricultural)
Chapter 8: Agricultural Export and Finance Programs
Chapter 9: Health, Performance, Quality, and Safety Inspection/Certification Programs
Chapter 10: Export Licenses and Controls
Appendix A: Export Assistance Center Network
Appendix B: TPCC Agencies and Addresses
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