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Our Privacy Policy

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As our readers know, we've taken a hard line on privacy on the Internet. We believe privacy is an essential and inalienable right, and believe it ought to apply to our Website.

It has never been our policy to collect and sell information through this site. We do analyze the traffic logs provided to us by our ISP, but only to determine basic information like how many visitors we are getting and what pages they are visiting.

However, recently we have signed up with affiliate marketing programs, and this raises privacy issues that you, as a visitor to this site, ought to be aware of.

When you click on many of the banner ads now present in this Website, your browser will be given one or more cookies for the purpose of tracking your activities at the sites you visit. The reason for this tracking is to provide Advertising & Marketing Review with commissions for any sales made through our site.

We are strongly suggest that you read the privacy policy statements of the sites you visit through banners in our Website, as we have no control over how they collect and use data.

If you have any privacy problems from sites you visit through us, please let Ken Custer know at 303-277-9840. We will investigate the problem, and if necessary, remove that sponsor's link from our site.

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