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March 2014

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From the Publisher

At a time when traditional media tends to struggle against the newer digital formats, the oldest traditional medium continues to grow and that is Out of Home (OOH) advertising. The industry has kept up with the times by expanding ways of presenting OOH with a variety of platforms. Whether it is signs along the highway, on vehicles, kiosks or now digital signs with constant changing messages, the medium remains one of the most effective.

This month's feature on OOH advertising is a compilation of information from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America and information from the local offices of outdoor companies. A special thanks to TIM SMALL at Mile High Outdoor for gathering data on the economic impact of outdoor in Colorado and to Tim, MATT RAGONESE, CBS Outdoor, and CLIFF MOAK, Lamar Outdoor for their contributions to the feature. A special thanks to MIKE SUKLE, Sukle Advertising and Design for providing the cover images of award winning bulletins and signs they have created. You seldom have an awards competition that does not include one or more of their Out of Home designs.

Enjoy the feature and realize the value of Out of Home advertising.

There are two great events scheduled for March 7. The Denver Press Club will hold the 20th Annual Damon Runyon Award Banquet that will honor KATIE COURIC, who is also the keynote speaker. This will be held at the Marriott City Center. The Art Directors Club of Denver 10th Annual Paper Fashion Show in the Sewall Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts will feature a runway show of amazing fashions created entirely from paper.

Also on March 7 are the procrastinator's deadline for entries in the Business Marketing Association Gold Key Awards and the extended deadline for entries in the Public Relations Society of American Gold Pick Awards. Go to their websites for entry information. Gold Key will be held May 2 at the Four Seasons and the Gold Pick Awards at the Exdo Event Center, May 8.

A reminder to keep an eye on legislative events, both locally and nationally. Representative DAVE CAMP, (R. Mich), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, is pursuing a tax reform bill that included drastically reducing the ability to deduct advertising expenses by 50% the first year and spreading the remaining 50% over several years. This could have a major impact on the advertising industry. Various organizations such as the American Advertising Federation, AAAA and Nationals Association of Advertisers are involved in watching this bill. Please support them through your local organization, it could mean your job.

That's it for March. See you in April.

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