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General Interest

10 Critical Factors to Building Profitable Customer Loyalty
and why you have to do it, even (or especially) if the economy sucks. Here's how you do it, by the numbers.

Culture Clash: Fitting in at a New Job
Fitting in at a new job is becoming a critical job skill, especially with turnover the way it is these days. Here are some good tips.

Demographics at Trade Shows - Obvious and Hidden
There's more to trade show demographics than there may seem to be. Here are some angles you may not have considered.

The New Rules of Engagement Branded Content - An Old Idea Comes of Age
Companies like Weber are using self generated branded content to help win and keep customers. Chances are your compamy can too. Here's how.

Database Marketing - A Smart Marketer's ToolBox
We immediately become more effective when we decide to change ourselves rather than asking things to change for us." Moment of reflection… The great part about changing ourselves and our business is that there is a profound set of tools that can help embrace change and continue to be a Smart Marketer. Here they are...

Rebranding Means More than a Logo Change
Rebranding a company can be a daunting task. That's because so much more is involved than simply creating a new logo. Here's one approach.

You Can't Beat the ROI of Email
A recent Direct Marketing Association study found email marketing has an incredible ROI (Return on Investment) of $57.25 for every dollar spent, over 150 percent greater than the ROI of non-email online marketing. Email remains one of the best online marketing tools of all time.

Creating Memorable Experiences More Critical Than Delivering Excellent Service
Selling to consumers is getting harder, and it's only going to get worse. Earning their trust is critical to getting their business. Here are some tips, and some examples of some companies that have done both.

OK. What actually has to happen to make several hundred CDs or DVDS appear in your business office?

Star Trek The New Voyages - No Advertisers Allowed on Board
A new fan produced Star Trek series could be a hit, but it can't accept advertising. This is bad for B2C advertising. Read why.

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India Market Overview
India is becoming a huge market for US exports. Here's an overview of the India market, including what they're buying, and how much.

A Guide to State Export Data
The International Trade Administration has made a variety of great reports available about state exports to help marketing overseas. See them for yourself here.

A Business Guide to Federal Export Assistance
The US government offers technical, legal and financial assistance to US companies. This is the best guide to that assistance available.

Selling to China Made Easy
The Department of Commerce has made exporting to China a priority, and it's gone to great lengths to make it as easy as possible. You'd be surprised how easy it can be now.

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Addressing and Deciphering Green
2007 saw a new round of green initiatives and green requests from clients, environmentalists, regulators and legislators. Being green and using green products & suppliers has moved from being a great marketing strategy to, in many cases, becoming a requirement to do business.

Key objectives of marketing communications and advertising programs have always been to increase market share and drive revenues - powerful motivators for changing how we go to market, do business and alter the courses we take. Today's market presents another key objective to help reach our goals: Go Green.

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Click Fraud - The Good Click and Bad Click Feud
Click fraud can have a profound effect on Internet advertising. Here's a look at the current situation.

Search Engine Marketing: What Does It Take to Get Found?
If you're not doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you may be wondering if it should be on your radar and if so where to start. Well, you can start by reading this article by one of the experts.

Integrating Mobile in the Marketing Mix
Mobile is ready to be added to the marketing mix, and it's easy if you follow these steps.
Your name could go here - targeted marketimg get personal.

Our Experience with ISPs - Earthlink: B, Comcast: F
We've been online for over ten years now and thought it time to share our experience with Internet service providers. Our best advice, avoid Comcast at all costs as a host, try IMHosted or Earthlink instead.

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Marketing Data

You are a great search engine marketer! So what are you going to do when the boss says, "performance is leveling off. What's next?"

The 125th Edition of The Statistical Abstract is Out!!!
The greatest resource for advertisers and marketers in America is available online, and for the first time, with all data tables available in Excel format for free downloading. Check it out!

Marketing Research; A Colorado Perspective
Rerpresentatives from eight companies comment on the importance of market research in 2006.

KISS -- Guidelines for Developing An Advertising Measurement Program
Our increasingly competitive business environments mandate more efficient use of resources, including the marcom budget. Here's one way to manage marketing metrics.

A Gold Mine of Data Goes Online
The Department of Commerce posted all data tables from its most important publication, The Statistical Abstract of the United States, in spreadsheet compatible format for free downloading on the DOC Website. Chances are, you need this information.

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NEW MEDIA: A Two Way Street With Customers
A distinguished panel looks at what new media is, and what it offers.

To Blog or Not to Blog That is the Question
Ken Custer and a few marketing experts take a look at blogs.. including what they are, and their importance to marketing.

The New(s)Paper Chase
A story of disruptive technology and disinformation.

Is Radio to Survive Again?
Radio is facing its toughest challenges ever. Can it survive? Possibly, especially considering new technology that will make AM out perform FM.

The New Printing Industry
The printing industry is having to adopt to new realities. It isn't the industry it used to be, for several reasons.

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GarageBand Ideal for Podcast Production
Apple's GarageBand makes podcasting about as easy as it could possibly be. GarageBand even includes jingles and sound effects, built-in vocal processing, and much more.

Making Your Podcast Sound Professional.
Podcasts need to sound professional. Here are some tips on format and production values.

How Podcasts are Distributed
Podcasting relies on RSS for distribution. RSS is Really Simple Syndication, and it may be the most effecient system for syndicating content ever created.

The Payoff of Podcasting
It may be the fastest growing technological trend in history, and advertisers can use it to reach consumers in a new way. Read how.

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Social Networks

Social Network Media Marketing - Getting Closer to 1-on-1 Message Delivery
A look at an important new media vehicle for audience segmentation and customized marketing message delivery.

Social Marketing - What is it?
For us it's business marketing that reaches into online conversational media where there is an opportunity for two-way communications.

Social Marketing Has People Talking
Here's how to integrate social marketing into your organization's mix.

Social Networking - the move towards business applications
A look at the many business applications of social networking.

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Need for Copywriting Jobs Increase for 2008; Where are the Copywriters?
There's a shortage of copywriters developing. If you're a copywriter here's how you could take advantage of the current market.

On the Rise: Remaining Competitive as Creative Salaries Increase
There are ways to manage salary increases in your company, and your employees may know them, too.

Retaining Top Creative Staff in a Competitive Market
Demand for creative talent is greater than the supply. Here's how you can cope with it.

So You Want to Freelance?
For some freelancing is the only way to work. Here's how you could do it.

Locating and Working With Creative Freelancers
Freelancers can fill a valuable role for many companies, if they can be found, and you know how to work with them.

PUTTING THE CULT INTO CULTURE - Creating a Place Extraordinary Employees Choose to Stay
Getting the best talent to stay with your company is critical to success. Here's how one company does it.

EXTREME' BONDING - Survey Reveals Unusual Team-Building Activities
While many companies plan summer picnics and softball games to boost camaraderie, creative organizations may choose more challenging or inventive methods of building rapport.

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Website Development

How the CMMI Process Improves Website Development
Again, the Indian tech industry is adapting business techniques developed in the United States that American businesses are ignoring. In this case, the issue is software development.

User Acceptance Testing Can Improve Your Website's Chances
User acceptance testing will help you understand how your customers will use your Website and will increase traffic and sales. It's easy if you follow the well known steps.

The Process of Quality
W. Edwards Deming believed that businesses should concentrate on improving their business processes and not on improving their products. Sound crazy? Well it worked for the Japanese, and helped them wreck the Americam car industry. His ideas can work for you, too.

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