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June 2013

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By Steve Stone, Options MultiMedia

" Why is your MASERATI parked in the garage?"
One would think that instead of parking a MASERATI in the garage and letting it sit to collect dust, you would have it out on the highway maximizing the most out of your investment. This is similar to a company having a marketing database and not getting the most out of it. Your marketing database is your biggest asset and your sales team is as only as strong as your database. One key to building an efficient database is make sure that all of the businesses represent your current client base. Here are five tips towards building a marketing database that is sure to help generate new sales opportunities.
First.) Profile the following demographics of suspect businesses. Industry ( S.I.C. Codes ), Geographics, Revenue and the Number of Employees.
Second.) Cross reference each company in the database with their website to confirm head quarters address, multiple locations and the name of executive decision makers.
Third.) Cold call into the company with the intent to identify minimally two executive decisions and their correct title, email address and direct phone number.
Fourth.) Engage with executive appropriate decision makers with the intent to qualify interest in purchasing products/ services.
Five.) Collect market intelligence by asking questions that begin with what, when, which, where, who, why and how.
Database enhancement is based on keeping the information current and correct. Another key to getting the most out of your marketing database is to be consistent in coding each company. For example, most companies will fall into the following five categories.
First.) Interested . This group will fall into two subgroups: A.) Immediate Interest, B.) Future Interest
Second.) Non Interest. This group will fall into two subgroups. A.) Permanent No Interest. B.) Temporary No Interest
Third.) No Contact. This group is made up of companies that you have identified the name of the decision maker, contact information but have not reached.
Fourth.) No information at all and no contact with the decision maker.
Fifth.) Wrong phone number, phone number is no longer in service, and phone ringing.
The following statistics help explain why it is so difficult in maintaining an efficient marketing database.
o Approximately 600,000 companies started a business in 2012, 600,000 businesses failed in the same year.
o Approximately 33% turnover in jobs and 40 million jobs listed.
o Approximately 6,000 people change jobs every hour
o Approximately 71% of business cards collected have one change or more within 12 months.

The only way to get the most out of your database is to use the telephone to verify and confirm the market intelligence. There is an increased importance to know the difference between suspect sales opportunities that just have demonstrated an interest and those prospective sales opportunities that are ready to purchase becomes extremely important.
The Cold Call King, LLC, is a Business-to-Business Direct Marketing Consulting Firm that specializes in sales lead generation and sales pipeline development. The following strategies are implemented and are the reasons that we are successful at developing new business for our clients: Tele-Prospecting, Target Marketing, Prospect Profiling,
Database Enhancing, Prospect Qualifying, and Prospect Retention. Our clients benefit thru outsourcing our Tele-Training Programs and our Sales Lead Discovery Production Cold Calls.

Please consider contacting me for a “Discovery Cold Call Demonstration” and you will hear first hand that I am an expert at identifying potential sales opportunities and collecting market intelligence over the telephone.

Sam Dobbins
Founder and President of the Cold Call King, LLC, Born 1963
Sam Dobbins is the Founder and President of the Cold Call King, LLC. He earned a Bachelor of Liberal Degree from Northern Illinois University in 1987 and founded the Cold Call King, LLC in 2004. He is an active member of Business Marketing Association-Denver and Toast Masters International.
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Cold Call King - Sam Dobbins
(303) 954 8553

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