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March 2013

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Great Ideas To Make 2013 A Successful Year!

by Greg Olson, Owner, Growl Mobile Agency.

It is that time of year again when we find ourselves excited for change as we look forward to the future. We discuss new marketing plans and budgets, what went well in 2012, and what we want to do better in 2013. Companies look for patterns and discuss what will work for the upcoming year to meet their goals.

It is important to look at what you want to achieve in the coming year - whether it is new customers, upcoming product launches, increased margins on accounts, or an increase in sales.

Many of our contacts are tasked with reaching some big goals that sometimes seem unattainable. Management and Board of Directors are setting the bar higher than ever. Our team at Growl has a few ideas on what you should think about this upcoming year.

1. Marketing Calendar. This is key to a successful 2013. A strong plan can help you to stay on track and elevate last minute headaches. Creating and updating a marketing calendar will keep your team and your management on track. (Ask us about our 1.5 hour marketing calendar creation workshop.)

2. Content will grow your kingdom. Your company is an expert in your industry and you have experts in your company that can help create content. This content can be written and verbal. Webinars, speaking engagements, emails, newsletters, or amazing case studies. Keep in mind that this content must be mobile friendly - to be viewed and read on mobile devices.

3. Your brand is now mobile. Do you feel like you missed the digital revolution and still need to freshen up your website? Make sure your brand translates well in the mobile environment. Now is the time to create a strong digital presence that is both social and mobile friendly.

4. Review and make a short list of marketing and branding items you can freshen up quickly.

5. Market to your customers. So many times companies are only communicating to prospects. Don't forget to keep in communication with your existing customers.

6. Create sales enablement tools. We are in the age of the tablet computer. Make your products come to life and enable your sales teams with these tools. Using already developed apps such as SalesForce, you can empower your sales and marketing. Look at marketing automation tools to help you get your message out in a scheduled and timely manner. (Ask us about the 3 steps to marketing automation success.)

7. Try something new this year. Have you tried QR Codes with your print communications? Think about testing SMS , SOMOLO (Social, Mobile, Local), or mobile advertising. Growl will create a custom QR code and mobile friendly content for you to use on your printed material.

8. Think about having a branding and mobile marketing workshop for your team. Even though we cannot solve all branding and marketing issues in a single session, these inspirational sessions are designed to focus on specific branding and marketing challenges and can help kick start a successful 2013. Work with a team that brings smart strategy and successful tactics.

Growl Mobile Agency focuses on creating mobile experiences, using the latest in digital technology, which allows companies to share and connect with their preferred customers while also helping them create additional sales. For more information about Growl Mobile, call 303-587-2847, email Greg Olson at or visit their website at

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