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June/July 2011

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Where do You go for the Best B2B Marketing Advice? Straight to the Top! BMA Colorado members share best practices in recently released book

By Carla Johnson

Regardless of where we are in our careers, we all have those days when we ask ourselves, “How do I…?” Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is an expanding, ever-changing profession and getting good advice at the drop of a hat can sometimes be tough. Which is why a new book, Advice From The Top: The Experts Guide to B2B Marketing, from the Colorado Chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA Colorado), serves as the perfect resource to keep close at hand.

Colorado Members. Industry Experts.
As professionals, we continually seek out new ideas and best practices. As a chapter, BMA Colorado has many members with sought-after expertise in numerous areas of B2B marketing as well as deep, industry knowledge. Members have up to 30 years of experience in industries such as healthcare, technology, financial services and higher education.

With the wealth of knowledge right here at home, 2009-2011 BMA Colorado Vice President of Education Rich Carvill sought a way to bring out the talent and tap the energy of chapter members in order to share the lessons learned with the entire industry. The Advice From The Top book not only helps professionals learn, but also generates ideas and helps marketers inspire each other. It also holds a unique position as one of the few that focuses uniquely on B2B marketing.

“The book is truly 'advice from the top,' as all contributors have 15, 20 or even 30 years or more experience practicing and mastering their areas of expertise,” said Gary Slack, BMA international chairman, 2009-11, and chairman and chief experience officer, Slack + Company. “All 24 authors demonstrate a deep understanding of how B2B marketing is evolving and showcase in their 'advice' the latest developments and techniques in their respective spaces.”

Advice From The Top stands out as a one-of-a-kind reference as the authors have marshaled the voices and thinking of diverse marketing experts - from leading academics to corporate marketers to senior agency executives and seasoned consultants. Interest in the project is evident not only in the estimated 5,000+ hours contributed by authors and volunteers who made the project a reality, but by the ready endorsements from top chief marketing officers (CMOs) from companies such as Motorola Solutions, Emerson, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services and Avnet.

Project Impetus
Carvill's idea behind the book was to share expertise to make it easy for marketers to accomplish what they want to do. As a long-standing BMA Colorado member and former chapter president, he understood firsthand the importance of keeping up with all the tools available in an evolving journey in today's undulating marketplace.

With that, Carvill shared the idea for the book during a BMA Colorado board of directors exercise that explored ways to enrich the professional lives of members through expanded educational opportunities. He sought to tap and share the expertise of members in new ways outside of BMA Colorado's traditional venues.

In the summer of 2010, Carvill, BMA Colorado Executive Director Marilee Yorchak and a team of volunteers issued an invitation to members to submit chapters for consideration. The editorial committee reviewed and selected 24 chapters that now comprise the book. After design, layout and stringent content review, the book went to press in February 2011 and was released at the annual BMA International conference in Chicago on June 1.

“During my 30 years as a BMA member, I have never witnessed a more real and tangible demonstration of BMA's mission of education and giving back to the B2B marketing community,” said Carvill. “I hope readers enjoy the journey through the book as much as we've enjoyed bringing it to people.”

Content, Content, Content.
With content developed by professionals for professionals, who readily shared the lessons they've learned over the years; lessons that apply equally to Fortune 500 corporations and one-person businesses. Chapters include advice on fundamental marketing topics such as lead generation, marketing and customer retention plans; helping sales and marketing work together; managing customer experiences; and using public relations to increase brand value. Divided into the four cornerstones of a good B2B marketing program, the book has chapters that relate to each area and include an illustrative case study. Chapters include:

Building Your Strategy
Marcy Phelps: From Zero to Strategy
Tom Kennedy: How to Develop Winning Marketing Plans
Brett A. Schklar: Creating a Fully Integrated Marketing Program
Orlin Camerlo: Expand Your Pipeline Through Integrated Teleprospecting
Lisa A. Miller: Keys to Creating a Successful Customer Retention Plan
Dr. Charles H. Patti: Successfully Managing the Customer Experience
Larry Brummond: Five Critical Success Factors for Entrepreneurs

Developing Content
Sam Eidson: A Roadmap for Conversion-Driven Marketing
Casey Demchak: Mastering Persuasive B2B Sales Writing Techniques
Marian Robinson: Why Value-based Content is King
Carla Johnson: Telling Your Company Story from the Inside Out
Tom Schippert: Ten Steps to Integrating Social Media
Dr. Maria van Dessel & Dr. Charles H. Patti: Just Give Me the Facts

Implementing Your Plan
Scott Gillum: Improving Partner Relationships
Laurie Lavelle: Ensuring Marketing Success Through Strategic Execution
Yann Ropars: Using PR 2.0 to Increase Your Brand's Competitive Edge
Michael Ward: Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Strategies
Kevin Thomas: Marketing and Sales - Friends or Foes?
Cheryl A. Smith & Lisa Haldeman: Best Practices for Sales Enablement
Melanie Hughes Goetz: Inside Mirror Marketing Psychology

Measuring Success
Byron O'Dell: Driving ROI Into Today's Marketing Programs
Sandra Zoratti & Lee Gallagher: Maximizing Returns on Marketing Investment
David Ariss & Susan Fantle: Proven Direct Marketing Demand Generation
Barry Seidenstadt: Using the Voice of the Customer to Measure Events

Advice From the Top: The Expert Guide to B2B Marketing is available for purchase by visiting The book retails for $29.95 per copy or $24.95 for BMA members. Discounts apply for both members and not-yet-members on bulk orders of 24 books or more.

Carla Johnson, Principal, Type A Communications
With a background in marketing, business development, public relations and employee communications, Carla Johnson works with companies to develop and implement marketing programs that increase awareness, create a consistent marketing and sales message, help employees stay engaged and ultimately generate revenue for her customers' products and services. Johnson served as the 2010-2011 President of the Colorado Chapter of the Business Marketing Association (BMA).

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