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February 2011

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What to write about?

By Debra Jason

It's the new year and it seems, from Facebook to Twitter, many people are writing about their goals or asking what others planned for the first week of 2011. Me? I'm faced with writer's block and am wondering what to write about. So, I thought, “why not write about what to write about?”

Whether you're posting blogs on your Web site, tips on your Fan Page or writing a newsletter, coming up with fresh content on a consistent basis can be a challenge.

Here are eight helpful ideas to help charge your battery and get your creative juices flowing. Take note of the ones that resonate with you and by the time you're done reading, I hope you'll have a great list to get you started in 2011.

1 - Success stories. Do you have a product or service (old or new) that generates great results for your customers? Share them with others. Don't be afraid to ask your customers for feedback on their experiences as well. Then, write about them and let others know the good news.

2 - “How to” features. Most people like knowing they're going to get a finite set of tips, guidelines or secrets. With this in mind, you can write about 10 smart ways to lose weight without even trying, 12 pointers for writing killer headlines, 4 ways to get great results from your Realtor, etc.

3 - Company information.
Choose stories that acknowledge your achievements and lend credibility to your business. Customers/prospects read about how others respect you and therefore, begin to look at you as an expert in your field.

4 - People stories. People like reading about people - especially if it's someone who they know personally. It could be about someone who did something outstanding to help your community . . . an employee who excelled in his/her role . . . a customer who received an honor or won an award.

5 - Related interest stories. Is there something happening in current events that relates to your business (i.e. the economy, sustainability, solar energy, recycling, etc.)? Write about that.

6 - Frequently asked questions. You see them on many Web sites. Why not compile a list of those questions you receive from customers or prospects. You may find you have enough to write about for a while.

7 - Glossary. Are there words within your industry that need some explanation? While they may be common place to you, perhaps your audience needs some clarification before they really grasp their meaning.

8 - Journaling. As you may have discovered, some folks simply write about what's going in their lives. I've seen posts about weight loss and fitness training written by Internet marketing professionals and business coaches. The world of social media has made it possible for us to share more of ourselves on a daily business and readers are responding positively to this. They like getting to know you on a more personal level.

So, what are you going to write about next? Let me know. Whether it's a blog post, article or a simple Tweet, I look forward to reading it.

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