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August 2008

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Article by Steve Koloskus's longtime friend, Dan Christopherson

One year ago, Denver ad agency Owner STEVE KOLOSKUS was confined to an antiseptically-clean room in the bone marrow transplant unit of PS/L St. Luke's hospital, his immune system destroyed. And he was about to undergo stem cell replacement therapy.

Not exactly a likely place to start an exercise regimen.

But then he accepted an offer from the hospital staff to have a stationary bicycle moved into his room. Steve - although he didn't know it then - had begun a remarkable journey, just riding in place.

Watching TV, reading books, listening to music, and working his Macbook to communicate with his staff at Extra Strength Marketing Communications, Steve rode the stationary bike for an hour or more virtually every day through several weeks of chemotherapy and the transplant.

The stem cell replacement was a success and his recovery from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma last summer was complete. And thanks to his many hours on the stationary bike, he traveled to Durango on June 15 to embark on the 435-mile, seven-day Denver Post Ride The Rockies Tour.

For Steve, the trek was an end-zone dance in celebration over non-Hodgkin lymphoma, his second victory over the disease in the span of a decade.

And, through contributions he solicited in conjunction with the ride, he raised $5,000 in donations to the American Cancer Society.

His Ride The Rockies trek also reflected a huge step forward in extinguishing a nearly seven-year struggle with depression in the wake of a series of life-altering events, starting with the death of the younger of his two children.

In January 2002, while riding a skateboard, Cole was struck and killed by a car just a few blocks from home. Despite seeking counseling, the grieving process for Steve and his wife tore them in different directions. She left him 14 months later.

Steve slowly slipped into depression. Business began to slip. Then, to make things worse, came the diagnosis of his cancer.

Fourteen rounds of radiation and multiple procedures to correct a blocked bile duct were followed by a massive infection and 14 days of intravenous treatment with antibiotics. Upon recovery from the infection, a metallic shunt was finally installed to take the place of the bile duct. Despite the presence of cancer, he felt almost normal again.

“I finally was feeling so good for a change. Hardly any symptoms. But I had to do the treatment.”

Friends visiting him at the hospital were impressed by his dedication to the exercise bike. He often sat on the bike and kept the pedals moving throughout their visits. Friends also saw his depression waning and his fighting spirit renewed.

Though he had never been a cycling enthusiast before, to celebrate his recovery - physical and emotional - a group of lifelong friends pooled their money and bought him a road bike. Despite the concerns of his doctors, he began joining his friends on cycling outings in September, with their eyes set on Ride The Rockies.

Though healthy and back at work for nearly 10 months, Steve had heard of rumors in the advertising and marketing community that both he and his business were on their deathbeds. “As Mark Twain said, 'The rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.' I'm having fun on some great new accounts as well with several longtime clients who stuck with Extra Strength throughout all my tribulations.”

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