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January 2011

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Print on Demand Services
Some Publishers Hope You Don't Read This
The Fine Print dissects, analyzes & ranks the contracts and services of the top 73 print-on-demand and epublishing companies. It is a no holds barred lowdown on these publishers. It is guaranteed to save you up to $600 in book publishing fees and to increase your royalties by at least 50% or your money back! Plus you receive $527 worth of book publicity services free.

Business Services
Live Tech Support! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Ever had a computer die during a critical project after hours? provides services for just those kind of emergencies. Mastercard and Visa accepted.

Is your bookkeeping out of control?
We have over 20 years experience with bookkeeping for graphic design firms and photographers. We develop easy to use business systems, monthly financials, and payroll and sales tax reports. References available. Call Mary at Mile High Accounting 303-238-8661 for email at

Computers Offers name brand computer equipment at discount prices. Check out the daily specials at Daily Hot Deals.

Save 50%-75% OFF Retail Prices on Inkjet Cartridges! Are you spending more on ink each month than your printer cost? You don't have to.

To place a classified add, contact Ken Custer at 303-277-9840
Note: We will not accept employment ads from companies that drug test applicants, or in any other way violate an individual's constitutional rights. Absolutely no exceptions will be made.

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