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by Jeffrey F. Rayport, Bernard J. Jaworski
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The Advertising & Marketing Review Bookshelf

Advertising & Marketing Review has become an associate of, and we're now able to offer a selection of books we think will be useful to the advertising and marketing community.

We will be adding new sections to the bookshelf over the next few months. To start with, here's our top 10 list of books we think are most essential to today's advertisers.

If you'd like to suggest a book to add to the list, or if you'd like to review book yourself, send us e-mail at

The Advertising & Marketing Review Favorites List
cover Statistical Abstract of the United States
published yearly by the Department of Commerce

This is the magnum opus of American statistics, and comes in at number one on our list of essential books for advertisers. It has over 1400 tables of statistics on every aspect of life in America.
cover 1878-2005 Statistical Abstracts of the United States DVD
$39.95 published by the Department of Commerce

This unparalleled electronic book on two DVD-ROMs provides complete reproductions of every edition of the U.S. Statistical Abstract of the United States - from the original edition issued for 1878 through the 2004-05 edition. There are 117 editions reproduced with over 146,000 pages in PDF format. Currently available from Amazon.
cover The Hollowing of America
by James A. Cunningham, Ph.D.

Subtitled "America's Flight from Manufacturing into a Perilous World of Economic Fantasy," this book presents one of the most readable and concise explorations into the long term costs of America's suicidal abandonment of manufacturing. It should be read by everyone in business.
cover Marketing Playbook: The Manual for Growing Organizations
by John M. Fox

A true classic. Easily one of the most pratical and immediately useful books on marketing ever written. Excellent graphics are used to visually present "102 marketing plays to get your sales team across the goal line." And these plays will.
cover Historical Statistics of the United States: Colonial Times to 1970
by Susan B. Carter (Editor), U.S. Bureau of the Census

First published by the Bureau of the Census in two large volumes, Historical Statistics is an essential tool for economists, historians, political scientists, sociologists, demographers, teachers policy makers, and business people. No other source provides such a wide range of authoritative, fully-documented data in such an easily accessible form. On CD-ROM the complete text and all tables of Historical Statistics will be accessible by a few key strokes.
cover Ogilvy on Advertising
by David Ogilvy

This top rated book by one of the Grand Masters of advertising is full of insight, humor, and wisdom. If you're in advertising and you haven't read Ogilvy, you're missing a great experience.
cover E-Commerce
by Jeffrey F. Rayport, Bernard J. Jaworski

This highly rated classic offers a detailed look at what it takes to succeed in e-commerce. The book has been described as the kind of book you'd use to teach a class on e-commerce. Academic and definitive.
cover Cases in E-Commerce
by Jeffrey F. Rayport, Bernard J. Jaworski

This collection of case studies is a companion to E-Commerce, and illustrates the book with real life examples.
���r Harvard Business Review on Customer Relationship Management.
by The Harvard Business review

If you're new to the concept of customer relationship management (CRM), this book is a good place to start.
cover Harvard Business Review on Brand Management
by The Harvard Business review

Brand management has become a critical aspect of succeeding in today's market. This look at brand management by the Harvard Business Review can help you learn the latest techniques.
cover Harvard Business Review on Marketing
by the Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review explores the topic of marketing in this 224 page book, published January 15, 2002.
cover Harvard Business Review on Change
by The Harvard Business review
List Price: $19.95

Managing a business in times of rapid change can be one of the most challenging experiences there is. This book can help you use changing times to your advantage.

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