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Welcome to the home of

The longest running column of its type in print. Now in its 19th year.
by Glen Emerson Morris
Glen Emerson Morris was Product Manager for Adobe's first PostScript 3 release, and a Senior QA Engineer for Apple, Yahoo, WebMD, Ariba and SAP.

This column is for decision-makers in the advertising industry who are concerned with the uses, implications and consequences of new digital technologies. While the main focus is on the Internet, the goal is to help advertisers survive and prosper in the digital revolution currently underway. And to make sure the world survives as well.

To that end, my column is grounded in the work of Buckminster Fuller, James Burke, Marshall McLuhan and Arthur C. Clarke. They predicted the problems we are only now beginning to face, and they outlined a way past the danger to a survivable and sustainable future. It was their job to predict the future. It is our job to invent it. These columns are designed to help in that effort.

Ideas for these columns came from many places, but special thanks are given to Leland Wallace, Senior Engineer on Apple's Web Server team, Alan Brunner, Co-founder of Jasmine Technologies, and Robin Hedges (aka Robin Sterling), former senior quality assurance manager at Apple, Adobe, Radius, and eBay. And many thanks, and RIP, to Joel Sperans, Chief, Space Exploration Projects Office, NASA, for his insights into Bucky's design principles and how he used them to help make the Galileo Probe a success.

"We've mechanized civilization. Now we have to civilize mechanization."

Glen Emerson Morris

Recommended Reading
Why SMB Advertisers Should Back a Citizens United Amendment - While we still can.
3D Printing and The Real Makers of the Economy - Driving a new economic engine.
Desktop Manufacturing Hits the Home Market - the biggest revolution of the 21st century.
The War at Home: Marketing Opportunities in an Era of Terrorism - Market to win!
The Greening of Expectations - It's more than a good idea. It's a survival issue now.
When Less is More - How and why working less hours can mean greater productivity.
The Learning Curve to Posperity - How Fuller's work can save our economy, and our world.
The Future of Arthur C. Clarke - A chronology of this century's technological milestones.

An Advertiser's Take on Maker Faire 2013 - Automated lighting displays, robotics, bloom.
How to Build a Robotic Test Harness for Mobile Devices - better and cheaper than Selenium
3D Promotionals - The Birth of a New Advertising Channel - It's affordable to anyone.
How to Test Automated Lighting and Animatronic Advertising Displays - Time to learn how.
How 3D Printing Will Drive Bio-Marketing - A new direction is ahead for medicine.
How to Promote Your Business With 3D Printing - There are several ways now.

2012 .
The Quality Assurance Equivalent of the Perfect Storm - Why Agile is wrecking QA.
Star Trek Will Beam Advertisers Aboard New Series Pilot - And it will be worth sponsoring.
3D Printing and The Real Makers of the Economy - Driving a new economic engine.
Is the Era of the Business Desktop Computer Ending? - Or just taking a permanent backseat?
Is the Facebook Fad Over? - Why privacy will win out.
The Interactive Display Revolution - The Arduino Brings 3D Advertising to the Real World.
Getting Your Joomla Website to Work on Mobile Devices - It's getting easier.
Will the iPad Doom the Mac? - The Mac is small change to Apple now.
Why SMB Advertisers Should Back a Citizens United Amendment - While we still can.
Why Megaupload Case Puts SMB Advertisers At Risk - And why we have to stop it.
Mac Lion Still Needs Some Taming - It's just not business quality.

2011 .
SOPA Law Threatens eCommerce (and Basic Freedoms) - SOPA has to be stopped.
How SMBs Can Profit from the Occupy Wall Street Movement - SMBs are part of the 99%.
Apple's Cloud Will Cast its Shadow on Advertising - Will it be good, bad, or both?
Two Decades From Tomorrow - Looking down the road.
Crowd Sourced Website Quality Assurance - Get your customers to do the work for you.
Marketing in an Unstable Environment - planning is the key.
Affordable Ways to Load Test Your Website - There are more options now.
Browser Wars, Again it was bad when there were dozens. now there are thousands.
The Return of the Maker - What do you sell to a customer who can make anything themselves?
A Website Testing Automation Tool Agencies Can Afford - And it's easy to learn.
Will the iPad Kill Prime Time TV? - iPad owners reading their iPads during prime time.
How a Traceability Matrix Can Improve Your Website - It's simple and effective.

2010 .
Mobile Device Testing Services - There are several options.
The Open Source Solution to Browser/Platform Incompatibility Issues
Right To Own Software Decision Reversed - More rights lost.
The Post Convergence Consumer - is a new breed. Careful.
Advertising on Reality TV: The Legend of The Deadliest Catch - RIP Phil Harris.
Pfizer Guilty of Racketeering - How they corrupted medicine in America.
Making Your Computers Earn Their Way Rent time on them.
Toyota and the Marketing Threat to Quality Assurance - It's avoidable.
Can the iPad Save the Advertising Industry? - Let's hope so.
How Your Business Can Sponsor Major League R&D - And not spend a dime.
The New PC Market: Tough Choices in 2010 - It's not as easy as it used to be

2009 .
Website Testing Getting Easier, Cheaper - Open source QA tools are here.
The Lost Fountain of Truth - New FTC regulations affect Website endorsements.
Big Pharma Adopting Tobacco Industry Tactics - And corrupting the medical industry.
Crowd Sourcing Redefining Power of the Press - The real cloud computing.
Desktop Manufacturing Will Go Mainstream Via Hobby Industry - and soon.
Climate Change Marketing - How to integrate climate change into marketing plans.
Gutenberg's Rainbow - Transformations of Media, Technology and Society in the 21st Century
Marketing Advantage Shifting to SMBS - It's not just a level playing field, anymore.
Newspaper Industry's Survival Lies in Local Markets and Electronic Ink - Let's hope.
Cloud Computing Has Dark Lining - Just a new phrase for an old technology with old problems.
Creating a Compliance Signoff Process for Your Website - Sony paid over a millions, will you?

Social Networks Damage Control - Have a process to detect and counter negative publicity.
Broadcast Networks Going Digital - One Way or Another - And coming to a display near you.
The Movie on the Cover: Animated Print Ads Are Here - No telling where they'll show up next.
Beta Testing Your Website - Better to test in a real world environment before you go live.
On the Right to Own Software - A new court ruling says software is owned not leased.
Wargame Provides Visual Content for History Channel Documentary - And for under $50.
Using Scrum & Sprint in Website Project Management - It's easy, it works.
The Persistence of Memory, and Other Incriminating Evidence - How data trails can lead to jail.
Apple's Logic Studio is an Unbeatable Bargain - Twice the features for half the price.
The Greening of Expectations - It's more than a good idea. It's a survival issue now.
When Less is More - How and why working less hours can mean greater productivity.

A Model of Success - Dragon Models' Website sets a new standard on the Web.
Is Sarbanes-Oxley in Your Future? - It just might be, and for all the wrong reasons.
How Your Business Could Use a Wiki - It's better than a Website for publishing training material.
A Process For Quality - How establishing and documenting a formal QA process can payoff.
Desktop Manufacturing Hits the Home Market - the biggest revolution of the 21st century.
Dell to Sell Linux Computers, Microsoft Threatens War, Again - Linux is ready for home market.
Internet Radio is on the Rocks, Again - This time Internet radio might just sink.
Preparing for Security Breaches - It's more a matter of when, not if. Be ready.
User Acceptance Testing Can Improve Your Website's Chances - It's cheap, and it works.
How Open Source Will Close Markets - Consumers are beginning to make their own software.
Vista Outlook is Troubling - Microsoft's Vista has copy protection features that could spell disaster.

How the CMMI Process Improves Website Development - Again the Indians, not us, use it.
Saving Motion, Time and Your Business - And the Indians, not us, are using it.
A Gold Mine of Data Goes Online - The Statistical Abstract is now online in Excel format, free.
Star Trek The New Voyages - No Advertisers Allowed on Board - Great show, but no ads.
E-Commerce for the Rest of Us, Maybe - Net neutrality could save small businesses online.
GarageBand Ideal for Podcast Production - Apple's GarageBand makes podcasting easy.
Security Declines As Rootkits Return - Rootkits are back and we're under attack.
Tracks of the Tiger - Apple's OS 10.4 is full of new features useful to business users.
The Fab Future of Desktop Manufacturing - Desktop manufacturing is the next big thing.
Internet Security 2006: It's a Control Issue - Rights & control are disappearing fast on the net.
Good Contracts Make Good Clients - A good contract can protect you against bad clients.

The Sony DRM Debacle How DRM violates your rights.
This Video Revolution May Leave Advertisers Behind Great video but no commercials.
Selling to China Made Easy It's easier than you think.
Is This the End of Quark? Years of inept customer treatment are coming back to haunt Quark.
The Bureau of Industry and Security - Don't Let This Happen to You! Know these laws.
The Blog Phenomena: We Need to Talk How blogs will affect your company.
Making Your Podcast Sound Professional It's easy to do it right.
How Podcasts are Distributed Consumers know. You'd better, too.
The Payoff of Podcasting It's a good way to reach unreachable consumers.
A Network of Insecurity Current Internet is a house of straw.
Firefox - A Good Replacement for Internet Explorer It's more secure, and it's free.

Has Your Computer Been Hijacked? There's a good chance it has.
Lessons from the Colorado Benefits Management System Disaster You may be next.
Advertising After the End of Mass Media Advertisers need to sponsor talent.
Email in Limbo Much of your promotional email isn't getting through.
BBEdit Adds Precision to Website Development It's not WYSIWYG but it's hot.
Internet Radio Brings Mixed Blessings for Advertisers Great music but no commercials.
Offshoring the Middle Class is also offshoring consumer buying power.
Online At The Federal Trade Commission Website All the Federal advertising laws.
Shooting Blanks In the Linux War Linux is threatened by dubious claims.
Website Development: In-house or Outsource Who should develop software.
Saving the US Software Industry It still might be possible. .

Making E-commerce Secure Against Attack Security is getting worse.
Band-in-a-Box - The Ultimate Music Library A high tech answer to an old problem.
The AMR Data CD: Answers to a Million Questions: A CD of top DOC reports.
123LogAnalyzer - Fast, Inexpensive and Easy to Use: A full featured log analyzer.
The Apple iTunes Music Store: How Apple Got it Right And did it ever.
New Government Information Portals are Online: Free marketing information.
Defending American E-Commerce in an Infinite War Zone Time to act.
Nike: Free Speech or Truth or Consequences Does Nike have the right to lie?.
Automated Website Testing iOPUS IIM and Other Low Cost Alternatives.
A Year of Trials and Errors: The DMCA is proving hard to enforce.
Automated Website Testing: IBM and Rational Pricing. .

Court Decisions May Not Save Microsoft In the court of public opinion, Microsoft is losing.
Spam Wars: When Free Speech is Too Expensive What the law says about spam. Offers Online Exporting Services This government program can help you sell overseas.
America Losing International Marketing Race. but it doesn't have to.
The Gateway to Census 2000 Data: Your PC is the key.
The Hijacking of Internet Radio Save it while you can.
Embedded Systems Take Off Computers are about to be in everything.
The Ultimate Price Tag It costs a penny, and it could revolutionize marketing.
And Now Featuring Only One Set of Books Life after Enron.
International Marketing Resources on the Net: A Guide to Using GLOBUS &NTDB.
IBM Bets on Linux another boost for Linux.

Microsoft XP: Extremely Problematic the best argument for Linux yet.
Protecting Your Trademark on the Internet It's easy, just follow these steps.
The War at Home: Marketing Opportunities in an Era of Terrorism Market to win!
A Future We Can Live With e-commerce will survive the crash.
The End of Contract Law? Rights are disappearing fast on the net.
The Cost of Free Publicity Don't ignore what consumers are doing with your trademarks.
The World That Never Was Webmania fantasy meets the bottom line.
Census 2000 Data: The Next Goldrush Free data you can use.
Billboards in Space How video overlays are killing commercial TV.
The Object of 3D Printing Print anything you need, from cameras to cars.
The Cost of Creativity When bright ideas cost too much.

In Search of a Captive Audience Going too far to make a sale.
Radio's Future: Diversity or Obscurity End of the dial? Or just the end of limits?
Boom Dot Bust Building a house of credit cards in a breeze.
A Place in History How to save the golden age of commercials.
Virtual Product Placement Coming soon to your TV set.
UCITA: Terms and Conditions Not Acceptable Another bad law...
Marketing by the Masses: Here Comes Everybody e-com anyone can afford.
DoubleClick's DoubleTake When consumers demand privacy...
Interactive Privacy: Denial of Service Privacy is two a way street.
Dinosaur Tales: The AOL-Time-Warner Merger Breeding another beast.

The Future of Arthur C. Clarke What if he's right?
Planning for the Next Hundred Years It's not too late to start planning.
Midair on the Internet: The American Airlines Boycott Trademark issues.
Just Another Milestone DVD in the long term.
Collision Course E-commerce software with consumer software quality.
The Sound of Internet Radio How advertisers can tune in.
Just the Photos That Will Fit Understanding limits on Web graphics.
Twilight of the Trinity Are CBS, NBC, and ABC doomed?
The Big Blank Page How consumers could print catalogs.
The Standard Return on Investment The bottom line still counts.
A Bit of Information The Department of Commerce embraces the Net, kind of.

Another Brand of Chaos How consumers brand products.
The Interactive Industry The need for interactive advertising software.
Location Shootout Using the Web to boost a state's film industry.
Copyright Law: Time for an Upgrade A big problem getting worse.
Column Not Currently Available .
Privacy and the Internet Consumers want it, and will eventually get it.
Fallout from the Tobacco War Why the net has changed PR forever.
Apple Again Apple's not dead yet, even though they keep attempting suicide.
Printing and the Internet How two mortal enemies can live with each other.
The Next Millennium Looking ahead in a technology driven world.
Catalog Delivery: Federal Express or the Internet It's only a matter of time.

The Ghost of Christmas Past When old ads come back to haunt.
The Way the Cookie Crumbles Will consumers swallow cookies?
Below the Radar Apples stealth strategy on the net.
On the Fate of Apple Life signs, again, barely.
The End of Push Marketing Consumers don't want to be told what to want.
Internet Radio: The End of the Local Market Receiving Timbuktu in Kalamazoo.
When The Clock Strikes The Y2K problem is real and will arrive on time.
The Learning Curve Understanding the key to prosperity.
The Charging BeastsAd agengies aren't adapting to the net.
Time and Depth on the Internet Why PR disasters will never go away.
Protecting Intellectual Property on The Internet Part 1.

Ethics and the Internet Old schemes don't work on the net. Here's why...
In Search of the Perfect Webmaster It's worth finding the right person.
Marketing From the Sky How direct broadcast satellites can help advertisers.
Plug-in Fever How new add-ons for browsers will help advertisers.
The Information War Why free government data is so expensive.
Multimedia Licensing and the Internet It pays to be legal, here's how.
The Graying of the Internet Seniors on the net spell gold.
The Babylon 5 Phenomena How the net shaped a TV show.
A Net Full of Apples Apple's future on the net.
The Net Return On Investment The bottom line still counts on the Internet.
The Hollow Promise Thin clients, a new spin on an old technology.

A Better Reason for Tuning In How advertisers can compete with television.
A Prototype Disaster on the Net Our reputation abroad is being lost.
A Flat Rate for Peak Profits How a flat rate phone service creates wealth.
(Column not currently available).
The Year Ahead Life on the Information Highway ahead.
Local Traffic and the Global Highway The real future is in local traffic.
Netting a Billion New Customers How the net could end poverty.
Local Laws and the Global Village: Who rules the net?.
Multimedia and the Internet Part of a balanced ad campaign.
A Different Set of Numbers What the Pentium disaster says about PR.
Taking the Initiative Ad agencies must adapt to the Internet quickly.

Acrobat--PostScript for the Internet Digital ads on the Internet.
The Interface Race How advertisers will benefit from the browser wars.
The Internet Public Relations Jungle PR has changed forever due to the net.
A Survival Guide New ground rules for a new era.
Birth of a New Media A fundamental change is taking place.

Copyright 1994 - 2013 by Glen Emerson Morris All Rights Reserved

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