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Advertising in the Third Dimension


This column is about the hottest new technology since the Internet - 3D printing. It will explore practical advertising applications of 3D printing, and the things we'll be able to do with the new tools 3D printing will make possible.

Feature Story: The State of 3D Printing 2015
2015 is going to be a major year for 3D printing. HP is entering the market with a product promising 10 times the speed for half the cost, other wonders are on the way.

Advertising in the Third Dimension:
How to Print Economic Security
In the past nations have printed currency to get out of economic downturns, and it always sets off hyper-inflation in the long term because each dollar printed means every dollar in circulation is worth less. The equation changes when you print manufactured goods instead of money. We are beginning to be able to do that now, and each item printed will add to the national wealth, not diminish it.

Retail Lighting Will Have a Multi-colored Future
The new lights from Philips greatly expand the usefulness of the Hue system for retail store lighting. We're at the beginning of a new era in store lighting. It's only a matter of time before most retail stores have intelligent, interactive and automated lighting systems that both save electricity and increase sales.

Home Automation Market Offers New Opportunities, Huge Risks
A fundamentally new type of product category is emerging - home and business automation systems. This market is already taking off in Europe, and for good reason. The technology will make homes and businesses more efficient and a lot safer, but only if done properly. The risks will be as great as the opportunities.

Building the A&M Review Automated Lighting Test System
Building a hardware system to test automated lighting displays is easy. Here's our recommended test harness hardware, where to buy it, and how to put it together.

Staffing for The 3D Revolution in Advertising & Marketing
It's time to start hiring for 3D related advertising positions. What kind of new positions will evolve and the skill sets needed to fill them are the subject of this article.

Six Things Your Ad Agency Can Do With a 3D Printer
In a few years 3D printers will be found in most ad agencies, and most homes, but you don't have to wait; practical uses for 3D printers are already here. This article looks a six things your agency could be using a 3D printer for right now.

An Advertiser's Guide to 3D Printing
Our feature story walks you through the process of creating and distributing a 3D promotional giveaway keychain (30 minutes or less from start to finish). We also take a look at the major online 3D printing services.

How to Make & Distribute Your First 3D Promotional Giveaway Item
Order your CBMA keychain today!
As a proof of concept demo we were able to create and post a 3D promotional keychain for the Colorado Business Marketing Association in less than 30 minutes, and for no cost at all. That's the beauty of 3D promotional giveaway items; the customer pays to print the 3D object. The advertiser only has to create and post the item's 3D file. Click on the CBMA keychain image to order one in a choice of materials from plastic to premium silver.
3D Promotionals - The Birth of a New Advertising Channel
Advertisers have a new advertising channel to reach the public with; 3D promotional giveaway items. It's a new form of advertising with the best advantage an advertising channel can have; someone else pays for it.

Leading 3D Printing Services
We take a look at the major online 3D printing services and what they provide. Working very much like DTP printing bureaus, the online 3D printing services can offer printing at resolutions and materials variety an agency might not be able to afford otherwise.

Related Reading

The Interactive Display Revolution
Yet another computer is about to start a revolution in the advertising industry. This time the computer is called the Arduino, and though it's the size of a deck of cards, it can drive everything from advanced light shows to android robots.

An Advertiser's Take on Maker Faire 2013
This year's Maker Faire featured several new products and services targeting or at least useful to the advertising industry.

How to Build a Robotic Test Harness for Mobile Devices
There's a better way to test mobile devices than with Selenium WebDriver. Let a robot do it. Here's an overview of how it could be done, and why it will be done.

How to Test Automated Lighting Displays
Advertisers have a new technology, affordable automated lighting displays for store window and in-store displays. As with any software application, it's going to take a new type of testing to make sure the display programs work properly. Here's one way to do it.

How 3D Printing Will Drive Bio-Marketing
3D printing is going to be a driving force in the bio-revolution we're just beginning to undergo. It's about more than just medicine, it about open source, and the right to be able to make to all the medicine you need to stay healthy.

How to Promote Your Business With 3D Printing
3D printing is getting hot, and opening up vast new possibilities. Here's a look at how you can use 3D printing, now, to promote your business.

Roy the Robot: The Birth of the Android Pitchman
Recently a pitch delivered by an android robot raised over $15,000 on You can build your own life size android robot for under $4,000. By this time next year you can expect to see androids making pitches on local TV, on showroom floors and in mall display windows. Granted, there's a steep learning curve ahead for the advertising industry, but the payoff will be worth it. This is the beginning of new era, and it will pay to adapt to it sooner rather than later.

Maker Faire 2012
Several revolutionary technologies emerged at Maker Faire 2012, including an amazing robotic pitch man named Roy, and the Arduino, a computer the size of a deck of cards that will revolutionize interactive advertising.

3D Printing and The Real Makers of the Economy
Driving a new economic engine.

The Return of the Maker
What do you sell to a customer who can make anything themselves?

Desktop Manufacturing Will Go Mainstream Via Hobby Industry - and soon.
It's a matter of scale. At real life resolution a 3D printer takes a long time to print most items. At a scale raging from 1/24 to 1/700, 3D printers become quite cost effective for printing many items at once.

Desktop Manufacturing Hits the Home Market
The biggest revolution of the 21st century.

The Fab Future of Desktop Manufacturing
Desktop manufacturing is the next big thing.

The Object of 3D Printing
Print anything you need, from cameras to cars.

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