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June 2016

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The State of 3D Printing 2015
3D printing is headed for major growth this year. Radio Shack is selling 3D printers and supplies and HP has entered the market, not with a bang, but a boom. Read why.

OOH! Out of Home Advertising a Winner
It's often taken for granted, overlooked, even seen as outdated, but out of home advertising is a proven winner most SMB businesses can't do without. Read why.

Big Data - Friend or Foe of Small Business?
These day's it's getting hard to tell if big data is really helping the average SMB more than it's hurting it.

Mobile Marketing – We’ve Come a Long Way
This month's feature story is a round table on the evolution of mobile marketing - and where it's headed.

Drones Will Have a Big Impact on Marketing and the Media
Drones are about to revolutionize society and as usual, the advertising, marketing and media industries will be among the earliest adopters. This article takes a look at the possibilities.

Social Media is a great way to reach people but there are certain misconceptions about social media that can waste advertising dollars. Here are the major misconceptions to avoid acting on.

Lessons from the Obamacare Website Disaster
Far from being a rare event, the Obamacare Web was jut the most visible of many Website (and software) disasters because senior management overrode the advice of the technical experts. It's a matter of facing reality, and some managers are simply incapable of doing that.

10 Major Usability Mistakes Your Website Shouldn't Make
Between the Obamacare Website disaster, Yahoo's new and seriously flawed email system and Apple's bug ridden Mavericks OS, October 2013 will go on record as one of the worst months for software quality assurance in history. The real tragedy was that these disasters were all avoidable. Here are some common mistakes that can compromise the effectiveness of your company's Website.

Triggering the Unconscious Mind for Unthinkable ROI
If 90% of what we consumers do is driven by our unconscious mind, then why do marketers keep marketing to our conscious minds? Here's a good look at an alternative marketing approach that factors in the unconscious mind.

Surveillance State Repeal Act Gaining Support
The combination of extreme corruption and the Security State mentality is compromising the nation's security. The only thing worse than running a business in a totally corrupt country is running a business in a totally corrupt country with no Constitution and no rights - and that's pretty much what we have now. Here's what people are doing to stop it.

Philips adds two new lights to the Hue system:
Retail Lighting Will Have a Multi-colored Future
The new lights from Philips greatly expand the usefulness of the Hue system for retail store lighting. We're at the beginning of a new era in store lighting. It's only a matter of time before most retail stores have intelligent, interactive and automated lighting systems that both save electricity and increase sales. The light under the sofa is from the new Hue LED strip light, and the light on the right hand wall is from the new one-piece desktop or floor mounted lamp.

A&M Review Announces Robotic Mobile Device QA System
Making sure your company's Website runs OK on the over 6,000 different mobile devices on the market is a major challenge these days. Our solution is to let a robot due the work. We estimate our system will cover about 80% of the coverage of Selenium for 20% of the cost. Deliveries will begin 1st quarter 2014.

Do You Know the 5 Steps to Copywriting Success?
Writing is easy to write so why pay a professional for something anyone could do?” In the end, you may have quickly discovered that you didn't get the desired results you'd hoped for.

Search Filter Bubbles Make Online Research Difficult
The major search engines have become so good at tailoring search results to individuals that it's getting difficult to do real research on the net. So how do you find the truth when search results are designed to reinforce views, and not provide objective information? There are ways...

Why SMBs Should Back an Amendment Overturning Citizens United
Our government has become too powerful and too corrupt while under the domination of well funded special interests groups. What we have now is a government of the people, by the government, for the corporations. Our only chance to restore democracy, and legitimacy, to the American government is a Constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision and stating once and for all that corporations are not people, and do not have the same rights as people, and only people can contribute to elections and to our representatives.

Court Arbitration Ruling Effectively Places Corporations Outside the Law
In yet another betrayal of the public trust, the Supreme Court has held that Large corporations are entitled to their day in court, but people aren't. By ruling that binding arbitration clauses in contracts are enforceable, the Court has effectively placed corporations outside the law. Is it time impeach Justice Roberts?

BUYER, BUYER…Pants Are on Fire
Cold calls are not always met with honesty. There are a few tell-tale signs if the prospect is going to purchase or prefer to string you along with harmless lies. Implementing the following five tips to identify real potential sales opportunities can eliminate this.

Why content is king and original content rules
Thanks to algorithmic changes Google made last year - mainly Penguin and Panda - original content rules. Here's how to score under the new rules.

Advertising in the Third Dimension:
Building the A&M Review Automated Lighting Test System
Building a hardware system to test automated lighting displays is easy. Here's our recommended test harness hardware, where to buy it, and how to put it together.

New Internet Video Options
In the last two years, video has become the fastest growing add-on to websites. It's not just for the big guys anymore. Here's how you can do it.

An Advertiser's Take on Maker Faire 2013
This year's Maker Faire featured several new products and services targeting or at least useful to the advertising industry.

Advertising in the Third Dimension:
Staffing for The 3D Revolution in Advertising & Marketing
It's time to start hiring for 3D related advertising positions. What kind of new positions will evolve and the skill sets needed to fill them are the subject of this article.

Bridging the Gap: How to Prepare Business Students for the Convergence of Marketing and Technology
Today's graduates need an understanding of both marketing and technology, but the American educational system likes to train specialists. Is it up to the challenge?

  From the Publisher: Read our new column on 3D printing.
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  Special Feature: An Advertiser's Guide to 3D Printing

This issue takes a look at the hottest new technology since the Internet, 3D printing. This issue also launches a new column "Advertising in the Third Dimension" to explore practical advertising applications of 3D printing, and the things we'll be able to do with the new tools 3D printing will make possible. Our feature story walks you through the process of creating and distributing a 3D pormotional giveaway keychain (30 minutes or less from start to finish). We also take a look at the major online 3D printing services.

How to Make & Distribute Your First 3D Promotional Giveaway Item
Order your CBMA keychain today!
As a proof of concept demo we were able to create and post a 3D promotional keychain for the Colorado Business Marketing Association in less than 30 minutes, and for no cost at all. That''s the beauty of 3D promotional giveaway items; the customer pays to print the 3D object. The advertiser only has to create and post the item's 3D file. Click on the CBMA keychain image to order one in a choice of materials from plastic to premium silver.

New Column! Advertising in the Third Dimension:
Six Things Your Ad Agency Can Do With a 3D Printer
in a few years 3D printers will be found in most ad agencies, and most homes, but you don't have to wait; pratical uses for 3D printers are already here. This article looks a six things your agency could be using a 3D printer for right now.

3D Promotionals �� The Birth of a New Advertising Channel
Advertisers have a new advertising channel to reach the public with; 3D promotional giveaway items. It's a new form of advertising with the best advantage an advertising channel can have; someone else pays for it.

Leading 3D Printing Services
We take a look at the major online 3D printing services and what they provide. Working very much like DTP printing bureaus, the online 3D printing services can offer printing at resolutions and materials variety an agency might not be able to afford oterwise.

Marketing & Ideas: A Look Ahead
Editor's note: In today's advertising and marketing environment you always need to be looking ahead in this rapidly changing industry. The feature is a combination of three diverse company's thoughts on what is ahead and what you may need to consider. John Vachalek of Webolutions advises to keep thinking ahead of your clients. Red Door Interactive held a panel discussion on what is ahead and a Q&A session following the panel brought out what some of the concerns of the audience are. Finally, Greg Olson at Growl Mobile takes a look at the ever-growing future of mobile media. Enjoy their thoughts and think about what you need to do to keep pace with the industry.
Current Marketing Trends- Keeping Clients by Thinking Ahead of Them
RECAP: Marketing Trends for 2013 Red Door Speaker Series
Great Ideas To Make 2013 A Successful Year!
Advertising & the Internet:
How to Test Automated Lighting Displays
Advertisers have a new technology, affordable automated ligting displays for store window and in-store displays. As with any software application, its's going to take a new type of testing to make sure the display programs work properly. Here's one way to do it.

2013 Health Care Advertising: Looking For Answers
The healthcare market isn't one you want to ignore, especially with the big changes ahead. Here's a look at what's coming in 2013, and how to plan for it.

Advertising & the Internet:
How 3D Printing Will Drive Bio-Marketing
3D printing is going to be a driving force in the bio-revolution we're just beginning to undergo. It's about more than just medicine, it about open source, and the right to be able to make to all the medicine you need to stay healtly.

Marketing 101: Social Media is Rooted in the Basics
The January issue always gathers a panel of experts to take a look at the year ahead. The hot topic everywhere is Social Media and clients are jumping up and down to get onboard.

Advertising & the Internet:
How to Promote Your Business With 3D Printing
3D printing is getting hot, and opening up vast new possibilities. Here's a look at how you can use 3D printing, now, to promote your business.

2012 Best of Show
We take a look at the agencies honored by the major Colorado trade organizations.

How to Choose a Mobile App Developer
Questions to ask and mistakes to avoid. Producing a mobile application is both complex, expensive and risky. Here's how to get your project off to a good start.

Advertising & the Internet:
The Quality Assurance Equivalent of the Perfect Storm
Almost every day software quality issues are in the news. What is it about the current favorite software development process that can't maintain quality? Plenty.

Advertising & the Internet:
Star Trek Will Beam Advertisers Aboard New Series Pilot
A new Star Trek pilot "Renegades"is being proposed through The group behind it is the same team behind the cult classic Of Gods and Men. This could be a major hit.

DIGITAL MARKETING: Build the Model and Make it Pay
These days you just can't ignore thr digital market. Here's what you can to to get ready.

How to form a brand-blogger partnership
Five tips to keep in mind before reaching out Get the most from your blogging romotion by following these easy tips.

Is Your Digital Presence Mobile Ready?
These days you just can't ignore thr digital market. Here's what you can to to get ready.

Refresh and Reinvigorate Your Loyalty Program
Loyalty programs work, but they do need to get updated now and then. Here are some ways to do it.

Advertising & the Internet:
Is the Era of the Business Desktop Computer Ending?
With Apple focusing on consumer grade products and Microsoft launching what could be their least successful operating system, SMB's are going to have a progressively difficult time finding business grade desktops.

Advertising & the Internet:
The SMB Solution to the Science Funding Crisis
Science funding is under attack from a variety of political and special interest groups. SMBs are in an an excellent position to help. Read how you can make a difference here...

Printing Today – Much More Than Ink on Paper
Printing is still with us, it's just different. Read how the printing industry is reinventing itself using a services business model. So far, it seems to be working.

Advertising & the Internet:
Is the Facebook Fad Over?
Investors and advertisers are having to reconsider the wisdom of investing in Facebook. The hype may have been great, but the numbers aren't, and numbers are what really matter. Will Facebook even have a future after most of its users migrate to mobile devices?

Roy the Robot: The Birth of the Android Pitchman
Recently a pitch delivered by an android robot raised over $15,000 on You can build your own life size android robot for under $4,000. By this time next year you can expect to see androids making pitches on local TV, on showroom floors and in mall display windows. Granted, there's a steep learning curve ahead for the advertising industry, but the payoff will be worth it. This is the beginning of new era, and it will pay to adapt to it sooner rather than later.

Rejuvenating the Film Industry in Colorado
Colorado is hoping for a rerun of the Golden Age of Colorado Filmaking. It's going to take more than special effects to make the dream real, but it happen.

Hispanic Marketing
Over the last decade the Hispanic demographic has increaded by over 15 million people. The Hispanic market has become a hot market. Here's how advertisers can approach it.

What's all the Interest in Pinterest?
Pinterest is more than just another social media Website, it's about images. Read what advertisers can do with it.

Advertising & the Internet:
The Interactive Display Revolution
Yet another computer is about to start a revolution in the advertising industry. This time the computer is called the Arduino, and though it's the size of a deck of cards, it can drive everything from advanced light shows to android robots.

Maker Faire 2012
Several revolutionary technologies emerged at Maker Faire 2012, including an amazing robotic pitch man named Roy, and the Arduino, a computer the size of a deck of cards that will revolutionize interactive advertising.

Emailing With Permission
There's an art to emailing your current and potential customers in a way that maximizes contact without annoying them. Here's how to do it.

Grilled by Mike Wallace!
Mike Wallace fondly remembered by someone once on the receiving end of his questions.

Lessons from Political Marketing
This story is shared not to promote one political candidate over another, but to illustrate the great synergy a brand can have with and among its customers.

Creating Opportunity Out of Change
At times like these, our biggest challenge is to think beyond. Beyond traditional means of doing things, beyond our existing revenue streams, and beyond our current customer relationships.

Advertising & the Internet:
Why Megaupload Case Puts SMB Advertisers At Risk
Many legitimate businesses lost access to their files when the government shut the Megaupload servers down. Where was their due process? Read why we're all at risk now.

Mobile Email Grows: Predictions & Recommendations
Mobile platforms are gaining ground when it comes to email viewership with a 34% increase since our last study which looked at data from October 2010 through March 2011.

How to Make the Most of Videos in Your Email Campaigns
Sometimes, words and images alone aren’t the best way to teach others.

Organizations that Support the Advertising & Marketing Industry
Colorado has many organizations to support the adverrtising and marketing industries. Here's a list of the ones you should know about.

Changing Role of the Advertising Agency
Each year The Review asks agency executives to participate in a discussion about what is happening in advertising. With the demise of the commission system, advent of social media, and the need for interactive talent on staff, advertising agencies have had to redefine themselves and add many new services for clients. This changes the role of the agency in many ways.

Advertising & the Internet:
SOPA Law Threatens eCommerce (and Basic Freedoms)
Yet another special interest backed law designed to muzzle freedom of speech on the Internet. This bill would allow Pfizer to shut down Websites that posted negative reviews of Pfizer's products (and PFizer was convicted of racketeering for among other things, concealing the dangerous and sometimes fatal side effects of its drugs).

Advertising & the iPad Product Review:
The iPad Sales App Revolution
A new kind of iPad app is evolving that merges sales brochures and catalogs along with a purchase order processor. Is it a fad, or a fundamentally new way to do business.

From Colorado

  It's Not the Channel. It's the Relationship.
What's a CMO to do? With so many channels now available to flaunt your products and services, it can be a challenge to decide your media mix. Here are some tips.

Advertising & the Internet:
How SMBs Can Profit from the Occupy Wall Street Movement
One of the major themes of the occupy Wall Street is a demand for campaign financing reform. It would be good for the public, but even better for the SMBs that provider most of the jobs in America,

Advertising & the iPad Product Review:
Control Garageband Remotely With gbTouch
A $10 app can turn your iPad into an external mixer for Garageband. Say goodbye to expensive hardware mixers.

20 Years… What's Changed and What Hasn't?
It's been 20 years since Ken Custer became the publisher of Adertising & Marketing Review. Here's a look at the past 20 years.

Advertising & the Internet:
Two Decades From Tomorrow
Here's a look at the next 20 years may be like. They'll probably make the last 20 years look tame.

Where do You go for the Best B2B Marketing Advice? Straight to the Top!
BMA Colorado members share best practices in recently released book.

Advertising & the Internet:
Marketing in an Unstable Environment
Marketing in unstable times requires planning for disruptions in supply chains, utilities, transportation and communications. Is your plan done yet?

Direct Mail Marketing - The Old Granny Still Has Some Moves
Cindy Williams takes a fresh look at a traditional approach to marketing.

Advertising & the Internet:
Browser Wars, Again
After a decade of stability, big changes are coming to the Web browser world. Real competition is heating up, but it will come at a cost.

Why stop at the first impression?
The choices and methodology for reaching out with your message has changed over time with the invention of various technologies of mass communication. Now bar codes are connecting consumers with vast information resources. Read how.

Marketing when Recession strikes: Are we still there? Does it even matter?
A while back, Sallie Burnett offered up six strategies designed to help companies acquire, retain and grow profitable customers in times of recession. She's back with an update.

Advertising & the Internet:
The Return of the Maker
3D printing made the cover of the Economist. It's official now. 3D printing is about to change everything fundamentally and forever (especially economics). Where will that leave the advertising industry is something they didn't go into, but we do.

Why Video on your Website?
There's more than one reason to consider video these days. Here are several.

Is the slight increase in hiring proof things are getting better, or just the bounce of a dead cat? Read here.

What to write about?
Ideas for content never seem to come fast enough to keep up with the demand from Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites. Here's some help.

9 Practical Tips to Improve Marketing Effectiveness
Here are some ways you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Advertising & the Internet:
Will the iPad Kill Prime Time TV?
A new survey show most iPad use happens at home during prime time. Will iPad be the finsl straw for the prime time mass market? Read more here.

From Y2K to 2011 and Beyond
Our annual look at the year ahead, and the revents leading up to it.

Advertising & the Internet:
How a Traceability Matrix Can Improve Your Website
A traceability matrix makes sure you test every feature of your Website before it goes live. Read how to make one.

Are you sure you're getting a return on your events and tradeshows?
Insure your event or tradeshow success by using Voice of the Customer information to facilitate stakeholder agreement, to assist in determining measurable objectives, and more.

Advertising & the Internet:
Mobile Device Testing Services
New services offer mobile devices for testing online. You don't need to buy every mobile device you need to test. Now you can rent online access to them. Read how.

Advertising & Marketing Review Endorses Joomla as CMS for our industry.
The open source content publishing system Joomla has evolved to the point it has commercial potential, and it's beginng to solve some major problems.

Advertising & the Internet:
The Open Source Solution to Browser/Platform Incompatibility Issues
Browser compatibility problems are growing as a variety of mobile devices flood the market. New content management systems technologies may provide a solution.

The Art of Melding Traditional and New Media
There are a lot of new media channels gaining attention right now such as mobile, blogs, social media, location-based social networks and others. The real problem now is blending it with traditional media.

Advertising & the Internet Special Series:
The Crisis in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pfizer Guilty of Racketeering
The Corruption and Failure of Evidence Based Medicine

In March, 2010, just months after having been given one of the largest fines in American history, Pfizer was again in court and was found guilty of violating Federal racketeering laws over its marketing practices for its drug Neurontin.
Big Pharma Adopting Tobacco Industry Tactics
The marketing tactics developed by the tobacco industry are showing up in the Pharmaceutical industry.
Pfizer Guitly of Violating California Unfair Competition Law
In November, 2010, Pfizer lost in court aqain for it's marketing practices for the drug Neurontin. Read the court's findings here.
Pfizer Charged With RICO Violations Over Lyrica
In June, 2010, Blue Cross Blue Shield filed a RICO lawsuit against Pfizer for Pfizer's marketing practices for the drugs Lyrica, Geodon and Bextra. Read the charges here.
Pfizer Subsidiary Fined Over $2 Billion for Marketing Practices
Pfizer's marketing practices including offering rewards for physicians who wrote protocols (the standard treatment) promoting Pfizer's drugs over low cost generic alternatives. The prosecutor's sentencing memo provided a solid summary of Pfizer's criminal activity. Read the sentencing memo here.
Doctor Convicted of Faking Critical Pfizer Drug Studies
Dr. Scott Reuben has been found guilty of faking clinical studies designed to prove Pfizer drugs were an effective replacement for traditional opiate pain relievers. The studies were never done. Read the official charges here.
Pfizer Subsidiary Fined For Offering Kickbacks
In 2007 a Pfizer subsidiary was convicted and fined $19,680,000 for offering kickbacks. Read the prosecutor's sentencing memo here.

Maximize the Power of Your Marketing by Networking
While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are exploding as online tools for building relationships, they lack one very important component: live, personal connection. Here's how to overcome that.

Advertising & the Internet: Right To Own Software Decision Reversed
Federal appeals court rules you lease, not own, most commercial software. Plan on reselling the software you paid for? Think again.

Maximize the Power of Your Marketing by Networking
While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are exploding as online tools for building relationships, they lack one very important component: live, personal connection. Here's how to overcome that.

Special Feature: Convergent Marketing
Qdoba in our Qmmunity: The Force of Social Media

4 Tips for Measuring Social Media: It's Not All About The Numbers

Tweets from the Summit: Nonprofit Gets “Off the Ground” With Social Media

Is it social to you... or just media? Striking a balance between analytics and adventure
Advertising & the Internet:
The Post Convergence Consumer
We're facing a new breed of consumer, hard to reach, better equipped to find a bargain and unwilling to settlee for less.

Advertising & the Internet: Advertising on Reality TV: Legend of The Deadliest Catch
The hit reality show The Deadliest Catch loses a star, and America looses an icon. This show says a lot about us, and advertisers should note, a lot of it is good.

Pieces of Flair
You can be both a team player and individual at once . . . somehow. But that's not important. What's important is the flair. Always be prepared to 'express yourself.'

What do Graphic Designers, Ad Agencies, Printers, Film Producers, Craft Brewers, Architects, Radio and TV Stations and all have in common? They are all part of Colorado's Creative Economy. Here's a look at it.

Here are searches for data about every state, county and ZIP code in the US.
ZIP Code Business Patterns
State & County Quick Facts
(Enter ZIP Code)
For millions of other reports & data sets see our State, National and World marketing sections.

What I've Learned About Business from American Idol
It may to be just entertainment but American Idol can teach some very good lessons on some key principles of direct marketing. Here's what you can learn and how to use it.

Advertising & the Internet: Making Your Computers Earn Their Way
Like many businesses the NYSE has a fortune tied up in equipment designed to handle a massive peak load that largely sits idle during off hours. They've started renting time on their computers. So can you.

Not so fast my online advertising friend
Online Advertising - Taking a Long-term View
Somewhere caught up in all the excitement of instant gratification measurements, our rose colored glasses fell off-or at least lost a lens. It is now apparent that in our haste to embrace the digital channel and all of its new metrics, we may have discarded, or just temporarily forgotten, some key principles of direct marketing.

Nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of advertising and marketing executives interviewed said they are likely to search for information about prospective hires online. Here's what you need to know.

Advertising & the Internet: Can the iPad Save the Advertising Industry?
The iPad will likely impact the publishing industry much on the same scale as the iPod impacted the music industry. What's in it for advertisers? A lot. Here's what to expect.

New Section: R&D Sponsorship Center
Our new section connects you with major research and development projects you can support, from the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence to a search for new genetic tools. Your computer could make a difference. Here's how.

Advertising & the Internet: How Your Business Can Sponsor Major League R&D
Thanks to the efforts of SETI, small to mid-sized businesses can sponsor world class research and development just by donating spare processing time on their office computers. A new era of research, beyond the influence of politicians or special interests, is begining and your business can play a key role in it. Here's how.

Advertising & the Internet:
Toyota and the Marketing Threat to Quality Assurance

Dreaming up new features is one of the main things marketing types are paid for. The problem, from an engineering perspective, is that sometimes marketing types don't know when to quit.

Some ABCs of Email Marketing
Deb Daufelt, Founder and President of Second Story Solutions, LLC. writes a monthly column on email marketing in the Rocky Mountain Direct Marketing Association's “Direct Line” newsletter. This article is a composite of three of those articles that have been printed in the last year.

Each year we get a panel of experts together to discuss a topic pertinent to the industry in the coming year. This year’s topic is how to integrate all media into the marketing plan including traditional media, online, social and all of the others that continue proliferated. As is always the case, the discussion is three times longer than we have space so the edited version is in the magazine. However, the full, unedited discussion is presented here.

Advertising & the Internet: The New PC Market: Tough Choices in 2010
For the small to mid-sized business the PC market presents far more choices than it used to, but making good choices is becoming far more difficult.

Best of Show 2009
Celebrate the best of the best! See the winners in this year's contest of the best Colorado has to offer.

Colorado Public Radio’s Unveils Branding Strategy
Colorado Public Radio (CPR) has recently implemented a new branding strategy, based on an initiative that was launched this spring working with Darwin and Design & Image, Denver-based brand strategy and visual imagery firms.

Advertising & the Internet: Website Testing Getting Easier Cheaper.
Open source Website testing automation tools are making automated testing an affordable option for the SMB. Finally.

News Flash:
Free Test Data
Advertising & Marketing Review has released the first in a series of small applications designed to generate the data needed to test Website databases. You can download sets of names and addresses from our new Test Data Resource page, or try our new names and addresses module Test Data Generator yourself!.

FTC Bans Website Paid Endorsements Read the FTC announcement.
Fines for non-disclosure are in the 5 digit range. Better know this law.

New Articles:
Colorado American Marketing Association turns 50
Colorado American Marketing Association hits a major milestone this year. Join in the celebration!

Web Content Strategy lacks the visual star-power of Web design and the reverence-inspiring complexity of Web development. But hear this: This newcomer will change the way you do business online.

Advertising & the Internet: Big Pharma Adopting Tobacco Industry Tactics
Big Pharma's marketing tactics increasingly resemble those of the tobacco industry; promote dubious benefits, limit negative reviews, and bribe everyone in sight.

BMA Colorado: 60 Years Young and Still Going Strong
It just seems like yesterday to some of us, 1949, to be exact, the year the Colorado Business Marketing Association was born. And what a life it's been.

Advertising & the Internet: Crowd Sourcing Redefining Power of the Press
Within a few weeks a British newspaper analyed the over 500,000 expenses reports filed by politicians, with a little help from its readers. Meet the new power of the press.

¿Español o inglés?
Understanding U.S. Hispanic Language Preferences.

You Are Here: Mobile Advertising's Big Advantage
Is Mobile Advertising the next big thing? Quite probably, and soon. Read about it here, or wherever you happen to be.

Advertising & the Internet: Desktop Manufacturing Will Go Mainstream Via Hobby Industry
When Jay Leno starts writing about 3D printers in his column in Popular Mechanics you know desktop manufacturing s close to goiung mainstream. The question is what market will it go mainstream in? We think we know.

New Series:
Gutenberg's Rainbow
Transformations of Media, Technology and Society in the 21st Century
Part One - Overview
This overview kicks off our new series examining the forces driving the digital revolution, and what kind of transformations they will inevitably cause. We're going through a revolution very similar to the one Gutenberg set off, but a revolution of far greater scope and depth. Most importantly, the direction of the revolution is being determined increasingly by the public, and not by corporate interests or politicians. The Linux operating system is just one example of an open source product developed completely outside the conventional economic system. In the future, there will be open source computers, cars, houses, and just about anything else you can think of that can be made. And this is just the beginning.

Coming Soon:
Desktop Manufacturing
The Era of Desktop Manufacturing is begining, and so is our new section on it. Once again, we're the first advertising trade magazine, to cover a core technology that will radically transform our world, ourselves, and our way of doing business (our DTP colummn began in 1984, and our Internet column began in 1994). This is the next really big thing. The 3D printer of today is the Star Trek matter replicator of tomorrow. This is critical path technology. We need to get it online as soon as possible.

Special Section: Newspapers

Another look at the demise of the Rocky Mountain News.

RIP: The Rocky Mountain News
Read the The Rocky Mountain News farewell message.

On the Fate of Newspapers
Is it just a shakeout or is this the end of newspapers? Read about it here.

Advertising & the Internet:
Newspaper's Survival Lies in Local Markets and Electronic Ink
Two evolving technologies could keep newspapers alive.

Zip Code Business Patterns Search (Enter ZIP Code)

The Department of Commerce's ZIP Code Business Patterns publication presents data on the total number of establishments, employment and payroll for more than 40,000 ZIP Code areas nationwide. In addition, the number of establishments for nine employment-size categories is provided by detailed industry for each ZIP Code.

  Previous Stories:

The Mission, The Man, The Money: Marketing to Baby Boomer Men
Hunting boomer men takes work, but it can be worth the effort, especially if you know where to look.

You Are Here: Mobile Advertising's Big Advantage
Is Mobile Advertising the next big thing? Quite probably, and soon. Read about it here, or wherever you happen to be.

Advertising & the Internet: Climate Change Marketing
We're the first generation in the history of our industry to have to factor climate change into marketing campaigns. Looking at wartime advertising may provide ideas to adapt to our current market climate.

Capture & Convert: From Search Engine Visibility to Closing the Sale
To make the most of search marketing efforts, ROI-driven marketers are focusing on the funnel: what happens after the listing is displayed? Read about it here.

Advertising & the Internet: Cloud Computing Has Dark Lining
Cloud computing is gaining in popularity but it has a dark side. Read about it here.

Four senior industry professionals talk about what we can expect from the year ahead.

Advertising & the Internet: Creating a Compliance Signoff Process for Your Website
Sony was hit with a one million dollar fine because they didn't follow the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act. Here's how you can avoid that and other compliance violations.

Marketing in Turbulent Times: Don't Give Up the Ship
Marketing in tough times takes careful and thoughtful actions. Here some ideas.

Advertising & the Internet: Social Networks Damage Control
Social networks have become a major power that advertisers must join forces with, not ignore.

Digital Broadcast Television: More Content, More Opportunity
Chaos is change and opportunity say the Chinese. The digital revolution in brodcasting may live up to Chinese expectations.

Advertising & the Internet: TV Networks Going Digital - One Way or Another
Just as all digital broadcasting is set to launch, movies and TV shows start to show up in quantity, if not quality, on the Internet.

Testimonials Let Customers Praise Your Good Graces
Whether you're a well-known company that's been around for years or a "new guy/gal on the block," establishing credibility for your company is vital.

Colorado Chapter of PRSA celebrates 50-year History
and all the members who relied on the skills, professionalism and generosity of each other to advance themselves and the profession, to build career tracks in multiple business, government and nonprofit settings, and to establish one of the strongest chapters in the national organization.

Advertising & the Internet: The Movie on the Cover: Animated Print Ads Are Here
For the first time in history, a magazine was sold at newsstands with an animated video ad on one or more of the pages. It sounds like science ficton, but it's here now.

Event Intent - Field of Dreams meets Pay it Forward
In memory of Philip Catalano, Mary Howard's father.

Advertising & the Internet: Beta Testing Your Website
With your Website appearing on various browsers, PCs and cell phones testing has become a lot more difficult, specially if you don't have a beta test program in place.

The Copywriting Evolution
Copywriting isn't what it used to be. Here's how to stay on top...

The Past, The Present, The Future
The top executives from one of Colorado's largest advetising agencies look at the past, present and future of advertising.

Steve Koloskus - A Two-Time Cancer Survivor's Rocky Route To Ride The Rockies
Cancer doesn't have to be a dearh sentence. He's the path one cancer survivor took.

Advertising & the Internet: On the Right to Own Software
In a decision that has major implications for everyone who buys or uses software for their business, a court has ruled that software is sold not licensed. Are end user license agreements a thing of the past? Maybe.

10 Critical Factors to Building Profitable Customer Loyalty
and why you have to do it, even (or especially) if the economy sucks. Here's how you do it, by the numbers.

Culture Clash: Fitting in at a New Job
Fitting in at a new job is becoming a critical job skill, especially with turnover the way it is these days. Here are some good tips.

Demographics at Trade Shows - Obvious and Hidden
There's more to trade show demographics than there may seem to be. Here are some angles you may not have considered.

Rebranding Means More than a Logo Change
Rebranding a company can be a daunting task. That's because so much more is involved than simply creating a new logo. Here's one approach.

Retaining Top Creative Staff in a Competitive Market
Demand for creative talent is greater than the supply. Here's how you can cope with it.

Advertising & the Internet: When Less is More - How and Why Working Less Hours Can Mean Greater Productivity
Long hours don't necessarily mean greater productivity. In fact they can guarantee the opposite. Here's how efficiency can generate the best return on investment.

Advertising & the Internet: Desktop Manufacturing Hits the Home Market
The long predicted home manufacturing systems are finally hitting the home market. This is the start of a major revolution. Read why, here.

The All-American Ad Series
cover The All-American Ads series published by Taschen is the most comprehensive collection of American graphic advertising ever produced (one per decade except 1900-1919). Grand in scope, and beautifully printed in lavish full color, this set should be owned by anyone in love, or otherwise engaged, with graphic advertising.

Special Report:

  Export Controls and the Bureau of Industry and Security
In response to the 911 attacks, a new government agency, the Bureau of Industry and Security, has been formed to establish export controls to prevent any technology from being exported that could be dangerous to US security. Penalties for violating these controls range from fines to lengthy jail terms.
To help businesses understand these controls, the BIS publishes "Don't Let This Happen to You!," An Introduction to U.S. Export Control Law, With Real Life Investigations of Export Control and Antiboycott Violations. PDF
BIS Mission Statement
The mission statement of the Bureau of Industry and Security provides an overview of the bureau's purpose and the scope of its authority, which is significant.

BIS 2007 Annual Report
The 2007 Annual Report of the Bureau of Industry and Security give a good idea of what the bureau actually does over the course of a year.

BIS Export Controls
This is a guide to how the export control process actually works at the procedural level, including how to determine the classification of a product, what restrictions it is subject to, and how to legally export it, if possible.

BIS Export FAQ
This Frequently Asked Questions will give you an idea about when export controls kick in and how to avoid stiff fines and jail terms for business conduct that used to be legal.


  Mac OS X: Tracks of the Tiger
Apple's latest verion of OS X is full of new features useful to business users. Combined with their new Intel based Mac mini, there's never been a better time to buy a Mac.

BBEdit Adds Precision to Website Development
BBEdit can save time and money producing and maintaining a Website. Apple's used it for years. Here's why you should.

Band-in-a-Box - The Ultimate Music Library
An application to help musicians practice has evolved into the ultimate music bed library.

Automated Website Testing: iOPUS IIM and Other Low Cost Alternatives
With iOpus you can automate testing your Website for a fraction of the cast of WinRunner or Silk. Finnally, automated testing has become affordable for the small to mid-sized business.

The AMR Data CD: Answers to a Million Questions
The Advertising & Marketing Data CD is a "Greatest Hits" collection of the most popular and useful publications from the Department of Commerce. Read about what's on the CD here. - FREE Search Engine Submission
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directories and links pages Free. Boost your website's traffic fast!!!

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